COM3000 Configuration and Troubleshooting: Part 1

Presenters: Greg June and Jimmy Martinson
This Level 1 introductory course will cover the fundamentals of basic Technicolor COM3000 troubleshooting in the field and will be taught by actual COM3000 technicians. You will learn how to login and navigate the COM3000 system. Additionally this course will cover beginner level troubleshooting, such as Syslog and CAM log interpretation.

COM3000 Configuration and Troubleshooting: Part 2

Presenters:  Angelo Peruch and Jimmy Martinson
This Level 2 advanced course will take you into a deep dive for COM3000 troubleshooting with instructors from NACE and Technicolor. The course will include interpretation of advanced Syslog and QAM log entries for remediation, COM51, QAM card and chassis troubleshooting, configuration troubleshooting and configuration reloading.

Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP) Configuration and Troubleshooting

Presenters: Jimmy Martinson and Greg June

This is a rare opportunity for in-person practical training on DIRECTV’s premier product for L&I. The course provides a live overview of AEP setup, configuration and troubleshooting, and will introduce attendees to the steps required to configure the COM3000 for AEP content delivery, as well as AEP portal activities. If you want to get involved with AEP, this course provides critical information necessary to get started on the path to success.

Hands on COM3000

Presenters: Dallas Kounovsky, Jimmy Martinson, and Greg June

There is no better way to learn how to configure and support a product than with live, hands-on interaction. In this interactive lab environment we will show you the basics needed to maintain and run a COM3000 system efficiently. From something as simple as firmware updates, to as complex as setting up your system for a multicast IPTV, we want to make sure that you have all the tools necessary to be successful with the COM3000. Gaining experience here with our direct guidance will be a tremendous boost to your confidence when you encounter real world situations in the field and will likely save you valuable time.

DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE Hardware) + AIM Meter Tutorial

Presenter: Dave Calhoun

This course is designed for dealers and installers involved in L&I markets who want to learn more about DRE or would like a refresher, as well as for individuals brand new to DRE. We will go over what makes DRE different and its amazing features, the equipment used in deploying DRE, the role of each device in hotel and other institutional settings, review proper installation of DRE hardware, AIM meter basics, common troubleshooting practices, and provide tips from experience on things to look out for.

Satellite Fundamentals

Presenter: Dave Calhoun

This breakout is designed to help if you are new to satellite entertainment or if you only install satellite on a rare occasion and need a refresher. We’ll cover many topics including an introduction into how satellite signal works, how satellite signal transmissions are sent and received, factors that can affect satellite signal, discuss what frequencies consist of and which ones are used by DIRECTV, and the specific components used to receive and distribute satellite signal.

IP Networking Basics

Presenter: Zachary Perez

If you haven’t worked with IP networking before, it’s essential to get on board now. Many modern video systems—including entertainment and surveillance—rely on this technology. If you’re not familiar with IP networking, we strongly recommend this class as a prerequisite to the IPTV and video surveillance technical sessions. This primer course includes an overview of key fundamentals, including: IP addressing, MAC addresses, servers, clients, switches, routers, modems, TCP/IP, and more. This session arms you with a solid understanding of the technology, and prepares you for exploring more advanced topics.


Presenters: Jimmy Martinson and Arnold Intal (Alcatel)
It is becoming common practice for new L&I facilities to be constructed without any coaxial cable in the building, and if you want to remain competitive you must embrace IPTV. This introductory course will cover the basics of IP Multicast content delivery. Attendees will learn how to select the right equipment for the installation, as well as the correct terminology to discuss with the IT engineers onsite.


Presenter: Dave Calhoun

This breakout is designed for the installer who would like to improve their basic understanding of signal distribution over coaxial cable in L&I properties. We will review guidelines for RF distribution from a headend all the way thru the property to the TVs in guest rooms, what equipment to use, what RF level to look for at each point in the distribution, review the basics on how to perform a site survey, how to identify coax cable already installed on site and much more.

Local Off-Air Channel Insertion (DT-ATSC Hardware)

Presenter: Greg June, Jennifer Kern, and Jimmy Martinson
Did you know you can offer your L&I customers a wide variety of local channels at zero monthly cost? DIRECTV’s new offers do not require satellite local channels, potentially saving your customer thousands of dollars in local channel fees over the life of the agreement and giving you a competitive advantage when you apply what you learn from this course. In addition to the main broadcast channels, you will learn how to add the broadcasters’ additional sub channels to your systems at no additional cost to achieve very high channel count. Course material includes antenna selection and ATSC converter configuration for both QAM RF and IPTV multicast delivery. You will also learn how to login and navigate the Datatronix line of ATSC encoders.

Hands on Local Channel Insertion

Presenters: Dallas Kounovsky, Jimmy Martinson, and Dave Calhoun
Our DataTronix line of products are all about giving you options out in the field. Whether your system is IP based or RF, we have the answer for inserting local channels into your system. In this session we will be showing you how to configure our line of DataTronix modulators/IP encoders to create often requested channels for marketing and promotion, event schedules, menus and more. We will go over the entire GUI so you can better understand the product, along with programming. At the end of this session you will have the knowledge necessary to implement these DataTronix products to create custom channel solutions for your customers.

L&I Technology Solutions: What equipment to use where?

Presenters: Greg June and Kirk Davies

What if I am installing a QAM modulated coax based headend in a hotel and the contractor ran twisted pair cables? What do I do when a property’s equipment will not decode an MPEG4 signal? What if they don’t have Pro:Idiom TVs? How do I add the sizzle reel the property wants to show up on the guest room TV? Is there a way to get the restaurant daily specials to show on the guest room TV’s too? Where should I use a DRE system? Where do I use an analog headend? How do I know when to use an MPEG4 to MPEG2 transcoder? Join our Sales Engineers and Tech expert for this session and find out how to handle these scenarios and make extra profit doing it.

DIRECTV L&I Sales Strategies, Tactics and Tips

Presenters: Gregor Sweet and Jeff Lawton

From new hire to seasoned pro, anyone selling DIRECTV will get a boost in results after enjoying the methods, tips and tricks presented by the always dynamic Gregor Sweet. Gregor builds upon his early career success as a member of one of the best sales organizations in the world and then leverages his 13 years with DIRECTV to pump you so full of strategy and motivation that you will hardly be able to resist dialing to set appointments before the class is even over.

How to Grow Your Sales with NACEConnect

Presenter: Jeff Lawton
Recurring revenue is the primary measure of value for any business. Learn how to enhance the value of your business while becoming indispensible to your customers by offering mission critical NACEConnect services such as internet service, wireless data backup, cloud-based video surveillance, and digital signage. We will show how to expand your core business with additional revenue streams with minimal extra effort or overhead.

DIRECTV Commercial Sales

Presenters: Rob Dee and Jeff Lawton
Everyone knows DIRECTV is the leader in sports programming for bars and restaurants, but you may not realize there is actually far more untapped opportunity selling DIRECTV Private and Business Viewing for retail shops, automotive facilities, gyms, salons, medical and dental offices, financial services, and anywhere that has a lobby or waiting area. If you are doing DIRECTV L&I and have not participated in the target-rich Commercial space, you are missing out on quick sales cycles with easy installations that are the perfect way to fill in between your more complex L&I projects. Please join us as we present the latest Commercial offers and proven sales strategies to help you bolt on another lucrative recurring revenue stream to your business.

Marketing Best Practices

Presenters: Martin Weinberg and Mandy Jancovic

It’s time to take a fresh look at your marketing strategies. What’s worked in the past may not be as effective today. There are many affordable marketing tools available now….but your competition has access to them as well! To be effective, it’s all about your strategy. We’ll review the 3 core principles of marketing—Get Attention, Build Trust, and Inspire Action. Then, we’ll explore simple, cost-effective ways to execute your campaigns and develop engaging creative that reflects well on your brand and drives sales. This session will be relevant and actionable to your business, with real-world examples of challenges and wins from the field.

Pre-sale Discovery for TV and Surveillance: Evolve from salesperson to consultant and increase your profits

Presenter: Jeff Lawton and John San Agustin

Did you lose out on a job because you placed too much emphasis on your prospect knowing their exact needs? One of the greatest factors between winning profitable business for a successful project and losing it to the competition is your ability to act as a professional consultant to your customer. In this valuable session you will learn what questions to ask and how to uncover the true needs of your customers to help you win more business, with less drama during implementation, and end up with a valuable customer reference. The principles apply equally to satellite TV and surveillance opportunities, and we will show examples of both.

Video Surveillance Enterprise Level Sales

Presenters: Jennifer Kern and John San Agustin
This course provides an overview of sales messaging at the enterprise level for video surveillance integrators. Whether you are currently selling, designing or supporting video surveillance or plan to add this to your offerings, this is the breakout for you. Enterprise level salespeople need to be more of a consultant while they identify the customer’s needs and desires to arrive at a custom solution. We will discuss what questions to ask that will establish you as a trusted resource. You will receive an overview of the latest technologies and trends in the industry and how to strategically sell video surveillance systems.

Learn how to:

  • Ask specific questions that will increase responses, deliver customer satisfaction and help establish you as a trusted resource.
  • Upsell and gain full engagement from your customers and prospects by including them in the decision making.
  • Increase your revenue and reputation through selling services agreements, making you more successful with your customers.

Video Surveillance Basics (Hardware)

Presenter: Zachary Perez and Calvin Sroka

This Level 1 introductory course will give you a basic understanding of the hardware used in a SecurityTronix Video Surveillance System. This course will focus on current technologies, including our High Definition over Coax (HDoC) and IP based camera systems. Attendees will learn about the different types of cameras, recorders, switches, storage methods and how they are used in various video surveillance applications. You will receive an overview and live demonstration on your mobile device of our live camera viewing cloud-based application: STGO2.

Hands on Video Surveillance

Presenters: Zachary Perez, Calvin Sroka, and Jennifer Kern

This Level 1 introductory course will give attendees hands-on experience to understand the installation and configuration of a SecurityTronix Video Surveillance System. We will demonstrate how to install hard drives, install and configure cameras, and set up recorders. Basic troubleshooting procedures will be taught to help with your day-to-day installs and service calls.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Sales for Commercial, Senior Living, and Hotels without a brand standard

Presenters: Jeff Lawton, Kirk Davies, and Wes Anthony (Alcatel)

Opportunities abound all around you for Enterprise level Wi-Fi systems that are easy to sell and install. If you are working in a commercial property, such as a hotel, shopping mall, senior living residence, hospital, apartment or any other large property that does not specify a hardware brand standard, there is easy money to make upgrading or installing a new Wi-Fi system. The Alcatel Stellar line of Enterprise Wi-Fi hardware is your solution. Learn how to do a property survey, spec the equipment and quote Wi-Fi with one of the most competitively priced and top performing Enterprise solutions on the market. Ease of installation and configuration makes for a quick install and additional profits.

Enterprise Wi-Fi equipment configuration and deployment best practices

Presenters: Jeff Lawton, Kirk Davies, Arnold Intal (Alcatel), and Wes Anthony (Alcatel)

Take the mystery out of deploying reliable enterprise-grade Wi-Fi as we show you the latest best practices for implementing Alcatel OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi access points in Commercial and Lodging and Institutions facilities. Whether you have been hesitant to deploy Wi-Fi or you have experience and are looking to take your installations to the next level, this session will help unlock the keys to providing solid Wi-Fi performance in bars, restaurants, hotels and senior living facilities by taking advantage of Alcatel-Lucent’s OmniVista on-premises Network Management System as well as the OmniVista Cirrus cloud platform.

Advanced Imaging Capabilities in AV over IP

Presenter: Art Weeks, ZeeVee Director of Product Management

A lesson focused on Multiview and Video Walls in the ZeeVee AV over IP ecosystem.The advanced capabilities of multiview and video walls – two highly regarded benefits and efficiencies of AV over IP will be covered in detail. Leveraging ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management Platform, coupled with ZeeVee ZyPer4K (SDVoE) and ZyPerUHD (JPEG2000), Art will demonstrate how to create Multiview’s and Video Walls in seconds WITHOUT additional hardware. He will then show the advanced capabilities while building additional Multiview’s and Video Walls. The course will also integrate a short ZeeVee product line overview including AV over IP and RF based products.

How to provide Internet, Wi-Fi and networking for hotels (Sales)

Presenters: Jeff Lawton and Wes Anthony (Alcatel)