Training Sessions


COM3000 and Digital HD Solutions

Industry-leading training from NACE experts on DIRECTV’s foundational L&I hardware platform

Presenters: Dallas Kounovsky and Jimmy Martinson

This course is designed to provide comprehensive training on the technical aspects of the Vantiva (formerly Technicolor) COM3000 system. Throughout the class, you will develop core competencies that encompass an overview of the system, its capabilities, and the ability to troubleshoot it effectively in real-world scenarios. You will gain expertise in various essential areas, including how to securely log in to and navigate the COM3000 system, add transcoders, configure an electronic programming guide (EPG), and set up a MediaTune system. Beyond the basics, this course will delve into advanced troubleshooting techniques, including the interpretation of Syslog and CAM log entries, remediation strategies for QAM log issues, troubleshooting COM51, QAM card and chassis issues, configuration problem-solving, and configuration reloading. Upon completion, you will be well-prepared to take the COM3000 Technician Certification Exam, validating your proficiency in managing and troubleshooting the COM3000 system. Hands on sessions are available during the NACE Evolve breakout classes.

RF Distribution for Today's Technician

Theory and best practices for delivering reliable analog and digital signals through coaxial cable plants from the headend to the TV

Presenter: Dave Calhoun

This course is tailored for installers seeking to learn or enhance their knowledge in RF coaxial cable-based signal distribution systems within large-scale properties. We will provide comprehensive instruction on best practices for RF distribution, spanning from the headend all the way to the individual room TVs. Throughout this course, you will acquire knowledge on selecting and deploying essential equipment like taps, splitters, and amplifiers to design and build full systems in both RG flexible cable, and trunk line systems. You’ll become proficient in utilizing RF test meters to accurately assess RF signal levels at various points in the distribution network. We’ll also cover the importance of system slope to maintain a balanced signal across the entire cable distribution infrastructure. Additionally, you’ll learn techniques to identify and mitigate interference issues effectively. Conducting site surveys will become second nature, ensuring a seamless installation process. Moreover, you’ll gain expertise in identifying and testing pre-existing coaxial cable installations on-site. Hands-on training is a core component of this course, allowing you to apply your knowledge in practical scenarios. Upon completion, you’ll be well-prepared to take the RF Signal Distribution Technician Certification Exam, validating your competence in this specialized field.

Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP) Configuration and Troubleshooting

Integration of DIRECTV’s AEP solution and preparation for AEP Technician Certification Exam

Presenter: Jimmy Martinson

Seize this chance to engage in hands-on, in-person training dedicated to DIRECTV’s leading solution for Lodging and Institutions (L&I) markets: the Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP). This course offers a live, practical immersion into the world of AEP, encompassing setup, configuration, and troubleshooting aspects. Attendees will gain firsthand experience in configuring the COM3000 headend system for seamless AEP content delivery, along with insights into AEP portal operations. Whether you’re just starting your journey with AEP or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, this course provides indispensable knowledge to set you on the path to success. Furthermore, by attending this class, you’ll be well-prepared for the AEP Technician Certification Exam, equipping you with the credentials needed to excel in this specialized field. Don’t miss this opportunity to master AEP and bolster your expertise.

COM3000 Next Level: Advanced functions for specialized Commercial and L&I environments

Expand your opportunities by learning how to install MediaTune and FlexTune in COM3000 Commercial and L&I markets

Presenter: Angelo Peruch

Explore Two Essential Add-Ons for the Vantiva COM3000: Delve into the functionality of Mediatune, a user-friendly drag-and-drop application designed for Bars and Restaurants, enabling easy program selection for any TV. Plus, discover Flextune IP, a channel-changing solution that provides access to the entire range of DIRECTV channels, catering to Commercial, Institutional, and Small L&I properties.

Hands on - COM3000 (3 sessions)

Hands on configuration/troubleshooting with NACE and Vantiva technicians

Presenters: Jimmy Martinson, Dallas Kounovsky, Angelo Peruch

Experience is the ultimate teacher, and there’s no better way to gain expertise in configuring and supporting a product than through hands-on interaction. Join us in this immersive lab environment where we’ll equip you with the fundamental skills needed to efficiently configure and maintain a DIRECTV COM3000 system. From the basics such as firmware updates to more intricate tasks like setting up your system for multicast IPTV distribution, our aim is to provide you with essential skills for success with the COM3000. By gaining practical experience under our direct guidance, you’ll significantly boost your confidence when facing real-world challenges in the field. Plus, this knowledge will prove invaluable and save you precious time during your professional endeavors. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and elevate your proficiency with the COM3000.

Principles of Satellite Distribution with Application to DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) Hardware

How satellite works and what you need to know to properly install DRE

Presenter: Dave Calhoun

If you’re new to the world of DIRECTV satellite equipment installation or if you find yourself installing DIRECTV systems infrequently and could use a quick refresher, look no further than this informative class. In this session, we will delve into various crucial topics. These include an introductory exploration of satellite signal mechanics, the intricate process of transmitting and receiving satellite signals, an examination of factors influencing satellite signal quality, a breakdown of the frequency spectrum and how it aligns with DIRECTV services, as well as an overview of the essential components necessary for receiving and distributing satellite signals. Moreover, we will highlight the recently introduced H26K Commercial Receiver. This breakout session isn’t exclusively for newcomers; it’s also designed to benefit dealers involved in deploying DRE (Directv Residential Experience) systems in Lodging and Institutions (L&I) markets, offering insights and knowledge tailored to enhance their understanding of DRE. Whether you’re a newcomer to the DRE market or seeking a deeper understanding, this class has you covered.

Beat out the cable company by delivering Internet over your customers' coaxial cable network

Headend internet signal processors and Cable Modem Sales, Configuration and Site Survey

Presenters: Jeff Lawton and Jim Clark

Unlock fast and dependable Wi-Fi and hardwired network connectivity across virtually any building using existing coaxial cables through a Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS). This method proves to be the cost-effective solution for delivering in-unit Wi-Fi access to establishments like hotels and senior living facilities, all without the hassles of rewiring, downtime, or excessive expenses. The CMTS technology is well-established and trustworthy, with enticing profit margins, and it leverages the RF (Radio Frequency) over coaxial infrastructure knowledge that you and your technicians are already familiar with. In this course, we delve into the fundamental theory behind CMTS, explore its diverse applications, provide insights into effective sales strategies, delve into the components and configuration nuances, and furnish you with invaluable tips for the successful deployment and maintenance of CMTS systems. This course equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to take full advantage of the enhanced profit margins and competitive edge gained by offering this innovative solution to your clientele.

Rescue your customer from the cellular dead zone - Sales and Tech

Discover How Cellular Repeaters Can Amplify Your Portfolio of Services

Presenter: Brandon Rees

Learn about the causes of poor in-building cellular connectivity and the different solutions available to improve cellular coverage. These cost-effective solutions allow you to be the “Hero” while bringing high-margin revenue to your business. We will also discuss some of the industry trends and how 5G plays into all of it.

Mastering DIRECTV L&I Sales and Marketing

Tips, tricks and Marketing methods for the Lodging and Institutions market

Presenters: Gregor Sweet, Jeff Lawton, Jamie Castleberry

Whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned pro, if you’re in the business of selling DIRECTV services to establishments in the lodging and institutions sector, this session promises to be a game-changer. Prepare to supercharge your results as you delve into a wealth of methods, tips, and tricks presented by the ever-dynamic L&I Sales Team. You will be infused with a potent blend of strategy and motivation. By the end of the class, you’ll be so fired up that you might find yourself reaching for the phone to set appointments right away. DIRECTV has created an array of exceptional marketing materials designed to bolster your sales and promotional efforts. However, there’s a method to effectively harnessing these resources, along with a set of rules to follow. Our session will guide you through what’s available, how to access these materials, their optimal utilization, and strategic approaches to seamlessly integrate them into your broader marketing strategy. Get ready to elevate your sales game and maximize your impact in the lodging and institutions market.

Expand your Business Opportunities by Upselling Internet and Other Services

Easily make recurring revenue by capturing untapped potential from your existing customers

Effortlessly generate recurring revenue by tapping into untapped potential within your existing customer base

Presenter: Jeff Lawton

Recurring revenue is like a steady paycheck—it keeps your business stable and growing. By offering crucial services like internet, data backup, video surveillance, and digital signage, you become the go-to partner and primary choice for your customers’ technology needs. Adding these services is cost-effective and requires minimal effort, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects while the revenue streams in automatically. Mastering these strategies with NACEConnect services sets your business on a path to steady growth and profitability, like having a secret playbook for success.

DIRECTV Commercial - Simplified tactics for selling complex solutions

Learn from the experts how to craft winning solutions for DIRECTV Commercial business

Presenters: Rob Dee, Jonathan Weiss, Jeff Lawton

If you’re already involved in DIRECTV for Lodging and Institutions (L&I) but have yet to explore the target-rich commercial sector, you’re missing out on quick sales opportunities with straightforward installations. These commercial ventures can seamlessly complement your more complex L&I projects, making them the ideal way to bridge the gap. Join us as we unveil the latest commercial offerings and share proven sales strategies to help you seamlessly integrate another profitable recurring revenue stream into your business portfolio. This breakout will be presented by Rob Dee, Senior Regional Sales Manager from DIRECTV, bringing his extensive expertise and insights to empower your success. Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your horizons and boost your bottom line under Rob’s guidance.

Enhance your value by shifting your role from salesperson to Technology Consultant

Be armed with the knowledge to ask the right questions and uncover unknown opportunities

Presenters: Jeff Lawton, Jennifer Kern, John San Agustin

Have you ever missed out on a job because you focused too much on your prospect’s precise needs? The difference between securing a profitable project and losing it to competitors often hinges on your ability to serve as a professional consultant to your customers. In this invaluable session, you’ll discover the art of asking the right questions and uncovering your customers’ true requirements, enabling you to win more business with smoother implementation processes and the bonus of gaining a valuable customer reference. Moreover, the initial discovery phase for video entertainment offers presents a golden opportunity to bundle a high-margin surveillance solution, elevating the overall value of your proposal. If you haven’t ventured into the world of surveillance offerings, you might be leaving significant revenue on the table. The good news is that you likely possess the necessary skills already. Let us guide you on how to capitalize on this opportunity. Don’t miss out on learning these essential strategies that can propel your business to new heights.

Decoding DIRECTV's Policies and Procedures: A Must-Attend Breakout Session!

Understanding DIRECTV SalesForce and Contract Subsidies to streamline your administrative process

Presenters: Rich Mahan and DIRECTV

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, this session is your comprehensive guide to DIRECTV’s essential policies and procedures. Packed with invaluable insights, this session promises to deepen your understanding of these critical topics. During this session our Industry expert, Richard Mahan will provide you with expert guidance on the decision-making process between L&I and Commercial contracts, ensuring you choose the right one for the job. We’ll also dive into essential Salesforce instructions, unveiling tips and tricks that will supercharge your productivity with this powerful tool. Additionally, we’ll share valuable insights on how to swiftly resolve issues by connecting you with the right contacts. Participating in this breakout session means equipping yourself with knowledge that can drive informed decisions for your business. It’s also a unique opportunity to engage with fellow attendees, share experiences, and ask questions. Don’t let this exciting opportunity slip through your fingers! Register today and elevate your business to new heights.

Fiber Optics: Practical applications for IP, Video and Satellite distribution

Learn how to improve your installations, create more opportunities, and solve unique problems using Fiber Optics

Presenter: Jimmy Martinson

Join our breakout session for a comprehensive exploration of the world of fiber optics and its pivotal role in IP, video, and satellite TV applications. Fiber optics, the ingenious technology behind transmitting information as light pulses between transmitters and receivers, will be at the heart of our discussion. Discover the fundamental components of any fiber optic system, with a primary focus on optical fiber’s indispensable role in carrying optical signals across various destinations. Optical fiber cables offer numerous advantages over traditional copper wires, making them the preferred choice in today’s communication landscape. We’ll delve into these advantages, including their capacity to transmit signals over extended distances with remarkable precision, minimal signal loss, and reduced noise interference. Our session aims to equip you with the essential knowledge to kickstart your journey into fiber optic deployments. Throughout the session, we’ll cover key topics, including Fiber Architectures, Cable and Connectors, Patch Panels, Splitters, Tools and Safety, Installation, Optical Transmission, Optical, Attenuation, Testing and Troubleshooting. Join us to gain a solid foundation in fiber optic technology and its application, setting you on a path to successful deployments and improved connectivity.

Digital High Definition Upgrades: The technology you need to increase profitability

Best practices and equipment for Analog-to-Digital Transitions

Presenter: Dave Calhoun

Transitioning your customers from outdated analog systems to cutting-edge Digital High Definition headends is a lucrative opportunity in today’s tech landscape. However, embarking on this journey requires meticulous planning and a keen awareness of potential challenges. In this informative breakout session, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to successfully navigate the complex landscape of analog-to-digital conversions. Whether you’re operating at the headend or distribution level, we’ll help you identify and overcome potential stumbling blocks that can arise during the process.

Experience the ease of Wi-Fi configuration

A Practical Demonstration using Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Wi-Fi equipment, in Creating a WLAN with and SSID and Captive Portal Setup

Presenters: Zach Perez

Are you ready to take your Wi-Fi skills to the next level? Join our immersive course that offers a practical, hands-on journey into the world of WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) configuration. In this dynamic learning experience, you’ll roll up your sleeves and dive deep into the art of setting up a WLAN from scratch. Our expert instructors will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you gain invaluable practical insights. Key highlights of this course include: SSID Configuration: Discover the ins and outs of creating and customizing your SSID (Service Set Identifier). You’ll learn how to craft a network name that suits your specific needs and enhance its security. Captive Portal Setup: Uncover the secrets to deploying a captive portal effectively. Whether you’re looking to enhance user engagement, gather valuable data, or improve security, this hands-on training will provide you with the skills to configure and optimize captive portals to achieve your objectives. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to create robust, user-friendly WLANs with tailored SSID configurations and captivating captive portals. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain real-world experience and elevate your Wi-Fi configuration expertise.

L&I Property Site Survey, Including AEP - Your Insurance Policy for Successful Deployments

Prevent Cost Overruns, Delight Your Customers, and Build Lasting Relationships Through Effective Needs Assessment, BOM Creation, and Project Scheduling

Presenters: Jeff Lawton and Dave Calhoun

After closing the deal and before starting the installation is your most critical opportunity to ensure a smooth experience, with no surprises for your customer and for you. This is where you fully assess the needs of the property and create the Bill of Materials (BOM) and project schedule. Doing these steps will prevent cost overruns, difficult conversations, and frustration all around. Furthermore you will pave the way for a great testimonial for your company and a long term relationship with a valuable customer. Join us as we share best practices on this most essential part of onboarding a customer property, including special emphasis on properly completing the DIRECTV AEP site survey form which is a mandatory part of any AEP deployment.

Embrace the Future of Property Construction: Navigating IPTV and IP Multicast Content Delivery

Learn the basics of what is needed to deliver DIRECTV content via multicast in a network environment

Presenter: Jimmy Martinson

“We’re not pulling any coax” has become a common statement in pre-sale meetings for new construction. If this causes you concern, or worse, keeps you out of certain projects, you need this class! To stay ahead and remain competitive in this ever-changing industry, it’s essential to embrace the world of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). Our introductory course is designed to take the mystery out of IPTV and equip you with the foundational knowledge needed to thrive in this digital transformation. We will delve into the fundamentals of IP Multicast content delivery, providing you with a solid understanding of this cutting-edge technology. Key topics covered in this course include:The IPTV Advantage: Explore why IPTV is essential in the modern property landscape and how it enhances competitiveness. IP Multicast Basics: Gain insights into the principles of IP Multicast content delivery and how it differs from traditional methods. Equipment Selection: Learn how to choose the right equipment for seamless IPTV installation, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Effective Communication: Develop the language and terminology required to engage effectively with IT engineers on-site, fostering collaborative success. Don’t miss this opportunity to future-proof your expertise and elevate your competitiveness in the dynamic world of IPTV.

Off-air Insertion: Win more DIRECTV activations and reduce service calls by including free local channels in every quote

Offer increased channel counts with no monthly fee, while protecting your customers from local channel programming disputes

Presenter: Jimmy Martinson, Jennifer Kern

Unlock the latest secrets for delivering a diverse array of local channels without any monthly fees for your Commercial and L&I customers. Some of DIRECTV’s latest offerings eliminate the need for satellite local channels, potentially saving your customers thousands of dollars throughout their agreement’s lifespan and giving you a competitive edge. An added advantage is that your customer never has to worry about network channel disputes, creating a happier customer and reducing support calls. This course equips you with the knowledge and skills to not only access primary broadcast channels but also incorporate additional sub-channels, significantly increasing your channel count at no extra cost. Topics covered include antenna selection, ATSC converter configuration for QAM RF and IPTV multicast delivery, as well as a comprehensive guide on using Datatronix’s ATSC encoders, including login and navigation. Elevate your offerings and stay ahead in the industry with this invaluable knowledge.

Hands On - Local In House Content Insertion

In-house content allows revenue generation

Presenters: Dallas Kounovsky and Jimmy Martinson

Our DataTronix line of products are all about giving you options out in the field. Whether your system is IP based or RF, we have the answer for inserting local channels into your system. In this session we will be showing you how to configure our line of DataTronix modulators/IP encoders to create often requested channels for marketing and promotion, event schedules, menus and more. We will go over the entire GUI so you can better understand the product, along with programming. At the end of this session you will have the knowledge necessary to implement these DataTronix products to create custom channel solutions for your customers.

Creative Solutions for Common L&I Challenges

Expert Strategies for Seamless L&I Solutions and Enhanced Profitability

Presenters: Jimmy Martin and the NACE Sales Team

Are you facing challenges in your Lodging and Institutions installations, such as dealing with twisted pair cables when you are ready to install a QAM modulated coax-based headend, or encountering equipment that can’t decode MPEG4 signals? What if Pro:Idiom TVs are not available? How can you seamlessly integrate promotional content like sizzle reels and daily specials onto guest room TVs? When should you opt for a DRE system versus a headend, and when is it necessary to use an MPEG4 to MPEG2 transcoder? Join our seasoned Sales Engineers and Technical experts in this enlightening session, where you’ll gain insights into overcoming these scenarios and uncover strategies to boost your profitability. Don’t miss this opportunity to master the art of problem-solving and enhance your expertise in hotel installations.

IP Networking Essentials for Modern Day Video Systems

Building a Solid Foundation for IPTV and Video Surveillance

Presenters: Zachary Perez and John San Agustin

In the era of cutting-edge video systems encompassing entertainment and surveillance, a solid grasp of IP networking is indispensable. For those new to IP networking, we highly recommend enrolling in this session before delving into the IPTV and video surveillance technical courses. This primer course provides a comprehensive overview of essential fundamentals, covering topics such as IP addressing, MAC addresses, servers, clients, switches, routers, modems, TCP/IP, and more. Join us to equip yourself with a strong foundation in this technology, empowering you to confidently explore more advanced concepts in the field.

How to quote and configure SecurityTronix Video Surveillance Systems

Unveiling the core concepts of modern day surveillance technology

Presenters: Zachary Perez and John San Agustin

Embark on your journey into SecurityTronix Video Surveillance Systems and gain a fundamental understanding of the hardware components that form the backbone of these systems. Your reward will be the ability to confidently offer your customers another mission-critical solution while boosting your profits. Our focus will be on the latest technologies, including the transmission of High Definition camera feeds over Coax (HDoC) and IP-based camera systems. Throughout the session, you’ll dive into the world of different camera types, recorders, switches, and video storage methods. Discover how these elements play integral roles in various video surveillance applications. Additionally, be prepared for an immersive experience as you receive an overview and live demonstration of the cloud-based applications, STGO2 and ST-Live, enabling you to view live camera feeds directly on your mobile device. Get ready to lay the groundwork for your journey into SecurityTronix Video Surveillance Systems.

Hands-On Installation and Configuration of SecurityTronix Video Surveillance Systems

Experience the ease of deploying a SecurityTronix Video Surveillance System

Presenters: Zachary Perez and John San Agustin

In this level 1 introductory session, participants will gain practical, hands-on experience in installing and configuring a SecurityTronix Video Surveillance System. You’ll learn the ins and outs of installing hard drives, setting up cameras, and configuring recorders. Additionally, we’ll provide essential knowledge on basic troubleshooting procedures to equip you for seamless day-to-day installations and efficient service calls. Join us to build your expertise in SecurityTronix Video Surveillance Systems from the ground up.

Mastering the L&I Game: Insights and Strategies from Leading DIRECTV Dealers

Unlocking Success in the L&I Business: Peer Wisdom and Proven Strategies

Presenter: Aaron Starr plus panelists

Join us for an engaging and interactive discussion featuring a panel of highly regarded and accomplished DIRECTV L&I dealers. In this session, we’ll delve into some of the most critical and impactful aspects of the L&I business. NACE will facilitate a candid conversation with your peers, exploring best practices, success stories, and perhaps a cautionary tale or two from their experiences. Topics of discussion will include sales strategy, effective competition against DISH and Cable, closing techniques that drive results, optimizing operational efficiency, and much more. We value your participation, so come prepared with your own questions. This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s finest and share your insights alongside other knowledgeable audience members. Together, we’ll uncover the strategies and wisdom that drive success in the world of DIRECTV L&I dealerships.

L&I Technology Tips and Tricks: A Roundtable for Technicians

The perfect opportunity to share Insights from accomplished DIRECTV Technicians working with L&I equipment

Presenter: Aaron Starr plus panelists

Prepare to engage in an interactive discussion alongside a panel of esteemed and accomplished DIRECTV Technicians. In this session, we will delve into the most pivotal technical aspects of the business. NACE will guide an insightful conversation with your peers, delving into best practices, success stories, and the occasional cautionary tale from their technical journeys. Topics of exploration will encompass commercial COM3000 systems, IP Multicast distribution, site surveys, the intricacies of converting analog to digital systems, and much more. Your participation is highly valued, so come equipped with your own questions. This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s finest while also contributing your wisdom alongside other knowledgeable audience members. Together, we’ll uncover the technical strategies and insights that drive excellence in the world of DIRECTV Technicians.

Installation Contractor Showcase: Find More Installation Partners and Expand your Business - Part 1

Presenter: Aaron Starr, Jeff Lawton, plus Installation Contractors

During this productive working lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday, we bring together a select group of wiring and electronic installation subcontractors who specialize in delivering DIRECTV solutions for hotels, senior living communities, commercial bars, restaurants and more. This unique opportunity allows you to meet the industry installers all in one place. Each subcontractor will have a dedicated time slot to showcase their company, providing essential insights into their experience, capabilities, and geographic reach. A visual slide will accompany each presentation, featuring key details such as their company name, years in business, the range of projects they’ve successfully completed, relevant certifications, number of technicians on staff, and the geographic areas they serve. Don’t miss this chance to connect with potential partners who can play a pivotal role in turning your installation projects into successes. Join us at the Subcontractor Showcase to explore collaboration opportunities and make informed decisions when selecting the perfect installation partner for your next job.

Installation Contractor Showcase: Find More Installation Partners and Expand your Business - Part 2

Presenter: Aaron Starr, Jeff Lawton, plus Installation Contractors

In this engaging breakout session, we bring together a select group of wiring and electronic installation subcontractors who specialize in delivering DIRECTV solutions for hotels, senior living communities, commercial bars, restaurants and more. This unique opportunity allows you to meet the industry installers all in one place. Each subcontractor will have a dedicated time slot to showcase their company, providing essential insights into their experience, capabilities, and geographic reach. A visual slide will accompany each presentation, featuring key details such as their company name, years in business, the range of projects they’ve successfully completed, relevant certifications, number of technicians on staff, and the geographic areas they serve. Don’t miss this chance to connect with potential partners who can play a pivotal role in turning your installation projects into successes. Join us at the Subcontractor Showcase to explore collaboration opportunities and make informed decisions when selecting the perfect installation partner for your next job.

COM3000, RF Distribution and AEP Certification exams

Take the written COM3000, RF Distribution and AEP certification exams live in the Exam classroom

Presenters: Rich Mahan, John San Agustin, Mandy Jancovic

Get certified for COM3000, RF Distribution and AEP in one sitting. You can either take the 10 question AEP certification exam by itself, or take the COM3000 certification exam which includes AEP. The RF Certification exam is a seperate exam. A 1 hour time limit is in effect for each exam.

New DIRECTV L&I Dealer Fulfillment Program

Let DIRECTV help you grow your business and expand your national footprint in the Lodging & Institutions market

Presenter: Steven Strawn, Senior Manager, National Sales Commercial Lodging & Institutions

For the first time in the Lodging & Institutions market, DIRECTV now gives you the opportunity to sell to your customers nationwide. You obtain a signed agreement, and DIRECTV does the rest. From installation, follow-ups and ongoing service, DIRECTV will do it all. After you get the sale, just move on to your next customer. In addition, fulfillment sales pay you a PPC, are eligible for VEB, can increase CSC payments on your existing base, and can qualify for a $500 coop payment. Earning more with DIRECTV Lodging & Institutions has never been so easy. This breakout session will be presented by Steve Strawn, Senior National Sales Manager for DIRECTV, with over 10 years of experience in the L&I market.


Enjoy a night out on NACE playing Top Golf, sipping cocktails and having dinner

Hosted By: NACE

Secure your spot early as one of the lucky 40 to join us for a fantastic evening at Top Golf. Don’t worry about your golf skills or the score; this outing is all about the social experience. Come unwind, savor a delicious Texas-Style BBQ dinner, and sip on complimentary drinks courtesy of NACE. Let’s all have a blast together!

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